Vampire Survivors

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Description of Vampire Survivors

An endless war is taking place in Vampire Survivors. Use your skill bestowed to destroy the creatures from hell. How many monsters can a single warrior destroy?

In a wildland ruled by an evil vampire king. They are looking to expand their territory and they want to attack humans. A warrior with special powers has been sent to this land to destroy these fearsome creatures. He realized that the number of monsters was endless. With his current ability, it would be difficult to survive for a long time. That's why our hero needs to upgrade his abilities quickly. Defeat enemies, and collect the necessary items to be able to upgrade your character. How long can the hero under your control survive? What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy this entertaining game!

Vampire Survivors guide

The darkness that covered the land made it more terrifying. The hero needs to fight against thousands of night monsters. Your task is to keep the character alive for as long as possible. Enemies will increase quickly and they will also become stronger. That's why you need to collect more new weapons and accessories. To do this, kill a large number of hostile monsters. Collecting experience gems will help you level up. There are many types of weapons with different characteristics. Using them wisely can make the hero become the most powerful character. Do not mourn the hellish creatures of vampires. Let's kill them directly!

The game mechanics

Your character will participate in a large battlefield. At the start, your character has only one base weapon. After that, Vampire Survivors allows you to gain experience, level up and buy more new weapons and items. In addition to killing opponents, destroy light sources that may contain gold coins, food, and useful items.

Your character will automatically attack, so you just need to move him. Try to avoid all contact with the enemy. The longer you live and the more experience you accumulate, the more characters you can unlock with different skills.

The rules success in Vampire Survivors

As mentioned, your goal is to destroy monsters and help the character survive until dawn. Sounds easy. However, you have to apply a lot of strategies and techniques to be able to complete this goal. To help you conquer this action game, we give you a few notes:

Defensive gameplay

When you play this game, you will feel like you are playing a shooting game in the past. If you need to focus on attacking enemies in those games, Vampire Survivors emphasizes defensive gameplay. You should not be too concentrated on the attack target because there are too many deadly creatures that want to approach you. Therefore, avoiding injury is the most important method to survive in this survival game. The best way to not be attacked is to bob and weave into the enemy. Don't let them touch your character!

Protect life instead of items

When a skeleton or demon falls, you will see items drop from them. They will contribute to upgrading your character to receive more new equipment. However, don't get too greedy with them! If the situation is too dangerous to pick up items, abandon them. Don't hurt your hero just for picking up a gold coin. In the Vampire Survivors game, the character's life is the most important thing.

Always control the opponents

Of course, you can't make these hell monsters stand still. However, you can guide them to the places you want. As you know, these demons will always follow you and wait for the opportunity to attack you. So, wherever you go, they go along with you. Learn how to get around them and lead them away from locations with mysterious chests. Good luck to you!

More information about online Vampire Survivors

Once you've mastered the rules and gameplay of this exciting game, let's learn about some of the game's features. It is they that have created the success of this vampire game. It's time to explore about them.

Vampire Survivors weapons

This game offers many kinds of weapons. When your character picks up these weapons, he can use them at the same time. Now, let's learn more about these weapons and some important items

  • Whip: attack horizontally, passes through enemies. Ignore speed, and duration.
  • Magic Wand: fired at the nearest enemy.
  • Knife: fires quickly in the face direction.
  • Ax: high damage, but takes time to grow effective. Best with: area and cooldown.
  • Fire Wand: fires at a random enemy, and deals heavy damage.
  • King Bible: orbits around the character.
  • Santa Water: generates damaging zones. Best with duration and area.
  • Laurel: shields from damage when active. Best with: cooldown only.
  • Clover: pickup to get 10% luckier.

Vampire Survivors characters

This game provides 4 characters who are Antonio, Imelda, Pasqualina and Gennaro. Only Antonio is available and the others need to be unlocked with coins. The most expensive character is Gennaro. Let's find more about them!

  • Antonio: He can attacks deal 10% more damage every 10 levels (max +50%)
  • Imelda: She are able to gain 10% more experience every 5 levels (max +30%)
  • Pasqualina: Projectiles get 10% faster every 5 levels (max +30%)
  • Gennaro: This character can increase 1 projectile permanent after each level (all weapons).

Vampire Survivors achievements

To increase the excitement and competition for this game, many achievements have been designed. They are to reach Level 5, survive 1 minute with any character, get Fire Wand to level 4, and so on. I am sure that only 2% of the players can complete the above achievements. Are you one of them? Once you have achieved them, you will also receive a worthy reward like wings, peachone, candelabrador, hollow heart, etc. You and your friends can challenge each other. Let's see who will kill more enemies. So, don't forget to share this game with your friends if you like this game.

How to control: You just need to use the WASD or arrow keys to navigate the character.