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The principles of AirMash

Embark on the thrilling air battle

AirMash is an online multiplayer game with air warfare. Players fight for flags and achieve goals by controlling their planes. Join this fun challenge now!

If you are seeking action games like Vampire Survivors, this game is suitable for you. In this game, you will get an opportunity to participate in the air fight between many countries over the world. Enter your name and jump into your fighter aircraft to start the war now. You must drive the fighter aircraft skillfully to fly through high mountains and vast oceans to reach other countries. Look at the world map at the bottom right of the screen to know where you are. This map also shows the positions of your enemies. Find your opponents and shoot down them. Take caution with the bullets of your rival's aircraft. Collect the fixing boxes to fix your aircraft when it gets hit. Attempt to destroy as many rivals' fighter aircraft as possible to get the highest score. Keep in mind that the higher score you can get, the higher rank you can gain. Look at the leaderboard at the right of the screen to know what your rank is.

At the bottom left of the screen, there is a box chat. It can be used to communicate with other players in the arena. This is also a chance for you to make new friends. Therefore, do not forget to chat with other fighters during the fight. Come on! Join this game now and invite your friends or relatives to play with you.

How to control

Press Arrow Keys to move

Press the Spacebar to shoot

Press Ctrl or Shift key to use the special ability.

Press 1,2,3, and 4 keys to upgrade quickly.

Press the Enter button to open the box chat.

More exciting secrets about AirMash

Various fighter aircraft

In this game, you are allowed to choose between five fighter aircraft. Each aircraft has a distinct feature.

  • Predator: The flying speed of this aircraft is super fast. When you are attacked by other players, you can increase the speed to escape from their attacks.
  • Goliath: This aircraft is able to repel enemy aircraft and missiles as its defense and damage abilities are super high.
  • Mohawk: When you drive this aircraft, you can enable sideways flight. Moreover, like the Goliath aircraft, this aircraft also has high defense and damage abilities.
  • Tornado: If you want an aircraft with a high attacking ability, you can choose this aircraft. This Tornado aircraft can launch three missiles at the same time. Therefore, it can take down many targets at the same time.
  • Prowler: This aircraft has a special power which is to become invisible to enemy aircraft. As a result, your opponents cannot know your positions and attack you.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Five Sigma. It was initially released in December 2017 and has been updated in October 2019. you can play this game in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones.