Airport Clash 3D

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Destroy enemies and survive in the wild airport

Airport Clash 3D is a multiplayer shooting game developed by Freeway Interactive. Take over the abandoned airport and destroy your opponent's base.

You need to destroy as many opponents as possible to win this exciting game. The game is set in a deserted airport. There's nothing but a plane, so you can use the plane as a shelter while fighting the bad guys. Defeat the enemy gang and seize an abandoned airport. Using the map's secret power weaponry is crucial to your team's success. If you want to make an even bigger influence on the battlefield, make sure to level up your character. Completing the quests will give you some items as well as corresponding rewards. The more skills you gain, the more exciting new achievements you can unlock. In addition, you can also see the name of the scoreboard in the daily online leaderboard. The game is always updated with new names, try to become real warriors and put your name in the top 10 player rankings with the highest score!

How to control:

  • Move: use WASD or arrow keys
  • Shoot: Click
  • Jump: Space
  • Bow: C keys
  • Enter or exit mode: L keys

Tips for you to survive the onslaught of the enemy

One interesting thing in this game is that your gun has no ammo limit. So do not hesitate to destroy all enemies around you as quickly as possible. You can optionally use a variety of different movements flexibly to easily kill enemies such as rotating knives instead of shooting guns. There is a smart way for you to survive longer, that is, you should hide and attack from behind, attack hiding, attack like a true assassin, the enemy will be in a passive position. can not control. Thus, the enemy has been assassinated in 80%. In addition to using survival shooting skills, you need a smart strategy to be able to survive in a deserted airport.

When completing tasks and opening new levels, you can improve many new functions such as health, and upgrade weapons to become more optimal, accurate damage, and much stronger. This will help you improve your survival and win more than others. The more lives you kill, the more weapons you unlock and the more gold and experience points you get. Furthermore, you can also unlock your character upgrade option.