Apple Worm

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About Apple Worm

Apple Worm is a retro-style arcade game in which the player controls a worm that is trying to eat apples. Join the game to conquer levels to unlock new levels.

The game is set in an underground cave and the player must maneuver the worm to avoid obstacles and enemies while collecting apples to grow the worm. The worm starts off small and must eat a certain number of apples to advance to the next level. The game features pixelated graphics and a retro soundtrack and is designed to be challenging and nostalgic for players who grew up playing arcade games in the past.

How to play

  • The objective of the game is to move the worm through the underground cave and eat as many apples as possible. As the worm eats apples, it will grow in size. The player must avoid obstacles such as rocks, spikes, and enemies, like bats and spiders, that appear in the cave.
  • As you play, you will collect points by eating apples and killing enemies. The game also has power-ups that can help the player, like a shield to protect the worm from enemies and a boost to increase speed. The game is over when the worm is killed by an obstacle or an enemy.