Avatar Game

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Experience moments of excitement when playing Avatar Game. This is a game inspired by the movie Avatar: The Way Of Water for those who love this famous movie.

Engaging gameplay of Avatar Game

Avatar Game has fairly simple gameplay but brings a new and addictive feeling to players. With a unique combination of running and adventure, the game has created a uniqueness of its own. Assist the main character in a safe passage across dangerous obstacles, such as spikes and gaps in the path. You should go as fast as possible and need to pay attention to the dangers ahead that are not foreseen. You can choose between two personalities that you would like to see fit your playing abilities. Individuality will shine through in the form of distinct play styles for each playable character. Robot cans are useful for climbing uphill, whereas Ship cans can carry you far and fast. You'll need to collect two different kinds of coins and race to the end of each level in order to get all three stars.

Tips for playing Avatar Game

You can easily overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line safely but not everyone can get the maximum of three stars after completing each level from easy to difficult. When completing a level, you must run 100% of the track. But that's not all that happened. Getting three stars in each round is the highest possible achievement. Completing the track requires collecting all three coins as you make your way to the finish line. There are some traps that are quite difficult to overcome. You can choose each character according to your playing experience as well as your ability.

If you are the first time to play a fast-paced game you can enter the practice mode to start with the simple levels. If you are a fan of fast-paced games, you can start with casual mode and enjoy it to see what's new compared to games with similar gameplay.