Bad Ice Cream 3

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Help the ice cream

Help the ice cream collect the fruit in Bad Ice Cream 3. Be careful with the monsters because they will make the ice cream melt. Hope you have a great time!

Nitrome released Bad Ice Cream 3, a puzzle game for two players, on December 11, 2013. You can play as vanilla, chocolate, or flavored ice cream in Bad Ice-Cream 3. In stages, strawberries are attempting to consume the fruit. In 40 chilly, icy, but entertaining levels, you'll have to deal with hungry animals and monsters. To safeguard yourself, make use of your ice-breaking abilities to break blocks of ice or construct your own icy barrier. Eat all of the fruits, please! This isn't the only game on our web, it's better to enjoy different games like Hopeless Island: Survival Hero, Hero Adventure Shooter Online Game, Vampire Survivors, Tank War Zone, etc.

How to control

  • Collect all the fruits before time runs out.
  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press the spacebar to freeze.