Baldi's Basics

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Explore the horror game in Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics is a horror game developed by Mystman12. In this game, you must try to collect all seven notebooks before being caught by Baldi.

This super horror game is inspired by the spooky/bad educational games of the 90s and is completely weird. You have to collect seven notebooks and then escape from school, don't think it's simple, play and feel this scary challenge. To craft a successful plan and avoid being caught by Baldi, you need to be familiar with every aspect of the game. It is essential to learn how to use Baldi's friends to easily win.

Unique combination creates an attractive gameplay

The game has fresh creativity when combining survival horror and educational entertainment. You must navigate through the school's hallways and classrooms while collecting notebooks and avoiding Baldi and his friends, who will try to catch the player. Along the way, you must also solve math problems to earn points and unlock new areas of the school. The game also features several secret items that can be found to help you avoid Baldi and his friends. Press the spacebar to interact with objects, and press the Esc key to exit monitor mode.