Bartender The Wedding

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About Bartender The Wedding

Bartender The Wedding is a game of mixing and serving drinks to customers at a wedding party. Players must serve drinks to satisfied customers.

This time around, you'll take on the role of a bartender who'll have to cater to the whims of his clientele. Make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch by doing anything you can. Make the best drinks possible and serve them to the customer, the wait time is up to you. We have faith in the happiness of your clients. It's time to begin! In the beginning, things will be difficult.

How to play

The game typically features simple, time-management gameplay where players must quickly and accurately serve drinks to customers while keeping an eye on their satisfaction levels. As the game progresses, players must also juggle multiple tasks such as keeping the bar clean, managing inventory, and dealing with special requests from customers. The game also includes a variety of characters, each with their unique preferences and personalities.