Bullet Party

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The gameplay of Bullet Party

Join thrilling shootouts

Bullet Party is a first-person shooter game featuring a multiplayer arena. You and other players will fight each other in fast-paced, action-packed battles.

At the start of the game, you need to enter your name and choose one of the available rooms to join breathtaking shooting fights with other players from all over the world. Otherwise, if you want to compete with your friends, you can create a private room. Enter the room ID and password and then choose the maximum number of players, the round time, the game mode, and the arena. After that, send the room ID and password to your friends. They will use them to enter your arena.

In the shooting battle, your mission is to kill as many rivals as possible to get a high rank on the leaderboard. You are offered a sniper rifle, a shotgun, and a knife. Use the sniper rifle to shoot down your opponent at a far distance. For a melee attack, you should use a shotgun or a knife. If you play as a team, it is necessary to cooperate with your teammates smoothly to get a victory. Come on! It is time to show off your shooting and fighting skills. If you are crazy about this game, why don't you try playing Vampire Survivors which is an awesome action game on our website?

How to control

Press the WASD keys to move

Press the SPACEBAR to jump

Press a C key to crouch

Press a G key to throw a grenade

Press a right mouse to aim

Press a left mouse to shoot

Press 1,2,3, and 4 keys to change the weapon

Available game modes in Bullet Party

Team Death Match

Like Shell Shockers, this game also features many game modes. Specifically, there are three game modes. The first one is the Team Death Match mode. In this mode, you will play as a team. Your team and the opposite team will battle with each other within a limited time. When the time is over, the team who kills most rivals will become the winner. In contrast, the team with the most death will be the loser. If you want to win in this mode, cooperation between teammates is super important.

Free For All

The second mode in this game is the Free For All mode. This mode requires you to fight against opponents alone. Your goal in this mode is to knock out as many enemies as possible within more than 10 minutes in order to get a high score and rank. Be careful! Run around the arena to look for your rivals. Shoot at them constantly as soon as you see them.

Capture The Flag

Like the Team Death Match mode, this mode also allows you to play as a team. In the arena, there is a flag. Your team and the opposite team will compete to steal this flag. When the time runs out, the team who has the flag will become the victor. Do your best and break a leg!