Cat Runner

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Description of the game Cat Runner

Cat Runner is a fun infinite runner game. Control the cat from running around the street! Move the cat across the screen to catch fish while avoiding obstacles.

In this game, you get to play one of the most famous cats ever. He's overweight, speaks a lot, and everyone adores him. When you are discovered, you are looking for food. Run rapidly to avoid being apprehended. There are several obstacles on your path. Buses and automobiles are two examples. If you strike such items, you'll have to walk more slowly or risk being apprehended by thieves. Try to run slowly and with a clear route at all times.

Remember that you have the option of using a skateboard or any vehicle that you may unlock. Last but not least, you will undoubtedly collect a large number of coins along the road. This implies you'll have the opportunity to boost your points and coins. You may use those coins to go shopping and purchase new skins. Therefore keep in mind to play the game attentively, complete the daily tasks, and get your daily awards.

Discover how long you can run in Cat Runner and what kind of high score you can achieve!

How to play

  • To control the cat, press the arrow keys or the WADS
  • Get every currency and prize you can while driving