City Stunts

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Simulation game City Stunt

City Stunts is the driving game in which you race around a city full of tower blocks with plenty of ramps and loops for you to show your driving skills.

You can get around the big city in a wide variety of vehicles, and if you're feeling exceptionally bold, you can even drive a bus if you want to! You have the complete freedom to go wherever you want, execute whatever stunts you want, and take as much time as you like doing it!

You have the ability to drift through the city streets and leap over perilous and challenging ramps. You need to maintain as high speed as possible while you are traveling through the oval ramps, if you don't, you won't be able to rotate your vehicle while it is on the ramp, and it will fall in the opposite direction.

Outstanding features of City Stunt

  • 3D daredevil driving simulation
  • Diverse car models
  • Different ramp sizes
  • Big city
  • Beautiful graphics quality


  • Using WASD or the arrow keys to drive
  • Press the spacebar to engage the handbrake