Crossy Chicken

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Relax with this fun game

Crossy Chicken will make you spend hours playing it! With cute animal characters and funny wallpapers, players will have moments of fun and relaxation.

A small chicken simply wishes to cross the street. To get as far as possible through highways, railroads, lakes, and more, you will need to assist this hardly intelligent animal in making short, clumsy jumps. What a risky street for a chicken to cross! Of course, you should make every effort not to be caught by the end of the screen, avoid being hit by cars or trains, and drowning. Collecting coins can unlock new cool skins like a panda bear or a cute pig by setting the highest score ever. You also can enjoy other games like Zombie Guard, Peaman Adventure, Elastic Man, Vampire Survivors, etc.

Game control

  • Spacebar to jump forward
  • Arrows and WASD jump in all directions.