Cubes 2048

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Be the leader in Cubes 2048

Become the champion in the game Cubes 2048. Control your square to eat as many smaller blocks to become the biggest and strongest block in the game. This is an interesting and extremely creative game that combines Snake and 2048. Eat lots of loincloths smaller than you to become bigger. You will also feel safer against other enemies. To start the game or name your character and you will be competing with other players on the same map.

How to control

  • Navigate with the mouse pointer
  • Hold the right mouse button to increase the speed to escape from enemies or hunt for prey

Tips for playing Cubes 2048

Control your block to start eating the smallest number is 2. Start eating more when your first square accumulates more points. The score shown on the list with the other contestants corresponds to your square score. You can only eat blocks smaller than yourself or cannibalize enemies smaller than you. You may be in trouble when people with huge scores chase you. As long as you don't lose the highest score in the first place, you can still survive. Use the speed boost to escape these giants if you don't want to turn into their dinner.