Dad N Me

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Transform into a belligerent child in the game Dad N Me. Use muscle power to defeat opponents on your way. Beware of their attacks. Have a great time!

This game has the main theme of fighting on the street. Enemies appear constantly along the way. You need to try to beat all the children and destroy all the obstacles on the way. Skillful moves combine with attacks to be most effective. Of course, you also need to dodge the attacks of other children. However, most of these children do not attack you.


Dad N Me was developed by Tom Fulp


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Like father, like son

The main characters in Dad N Me are father and son, and they look alike. The father looks bigger and more muscular than a normal person. The son is a miniature version of his father. Both father and son have no hair and both their bodies are purple. No one can see their real faces because they all wear white masks.

Goal of the game Dad N Me

The player's task is to destroy all children on the way. This game may have violent elements, so it is not suitable for kids. The father character will drive and return his warlike son to Almond Park. Then the father would leave his son behind and drive away. The son began his carnage. This isn't only a battle on our website. You also can start another war in Vampire Survivors.

The son's victims

Almond Park will have a lot of children playing there. Their parents are not around so you can easily defeat them. The first victim of the son in Dad N Me is Marcus building a sandcastle. He is quite slow and weak so you can easily kill him. After killing Marcus, continue your journey! Next, you will see 3 characters in which the kid with red hair can attack you. He is also the hardest to beat out of the three. Therefore, I recommend you kill him before the other two. Next, he will participate in a football match with 4 people. Destroy them to go to the road with 4 people in uniform. At this point, you need to be careful because Dad N Me will also give one of them a toy weapon. It can cause damage to you. Next are the ninjas with special skills. It will be more difficult to kill them. Eventually, he will meet a worthy opponent named Sunchips. He is a gangster with respectable strength. Furthermore, he had a gun and two friends. His teammates are easy to deal with, the Sunchips are hard to beat. After destroying all the enemies, the father will come to pick up his son and make sure he will be very proud.

Game controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Press the A/D keys to attack. A to do light jabs
  • Use the S key to do heavy punches.