Dead Paradise 3

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Simulation of Dead Paradise 3

Defend the last survivors in Dead Paradise 3, an action-packed tank adventure game. Use your powerful tank to fight off hordes of enemies and reach safety.

In this intense and challenging game, you must protect a valuable vehicle from enemy attacks as you navigate through a dangerous area. As you journey through the dangerous wasteland in the game, you'll come across a variety of challenges and foes determined to thwart your progress. But don't worry, you can collect power-ups to boost your defenses and increase your chances of survival. Use your skills and strategy to keep the vehicle safe and reach your destination. Help the survivors reach paradise while battling against waves of enemies in this action-packed racing game.

With improved graphics and exciting new features, the third installment will keep you hooked for hours. Upgrade your vehicles, collect power-ups, and dodge bullets to ensure the safety of the scientists. Explore some other shooting games like Dead Zed, Gun Mayhem 2: More Mayhem, and Stick Merge. Attack the enemy and win every match.

The mechanics in Dead Paradise 3

How to play

You must use your tank to protect scientists and innocent people while taking on dangerous enemies. With simple keyboard controls, you can move, balance, and rotate your weapon to take down anything in your path. Launch rockets with the space key and even set your enemies on fire by dumping fuel with the C key. Collect valuable items like repair kits, fuel tanks, cash, and ammo to help you on your mission. Can you destroy all your enemies and lead your team to safety?

How to controls

  • Use the arrow keys to drive and balance your tank.
  • Press the Space key to launch rockets at your enemies.
  • Use the Z key to turn your gun back, and the X key to turn it forward.