Dead Zed

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Remarkable information about Dead Zed

The gameplay

Welcome to an awesome zombie shooting game which is Dead Zed. You need to use your weapons to shoot and knock out all the zombies to become a survivor.

With interesting game rules and appealing effects, this game will certainly be one of the best zombie-killing games. You will be a survivor in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Your goal is to defeat zombies and organize search parties to find more survivors and weapons. You just have 40 days to fight. After that, the army will reach your town and save you.

At the start of the game, you will see a small instruction. You need to read and follow it. The game brings you 40 days. Each day is a wave and a level. You need to defend against waves of zombies by using your weapons. The number of zombies will increase day by day. You will have limited time and missions to complete a level. After you complete a day, you can send your search party to find out other survivors and weapons. Sect the locations to send the search party by clicking on the house on the map. If you don't find any survivors or weapons, you will come to new areas. If you find new survivors and weapons, you can manage them. You need to manage your resources such as ammunition, health, and repair materials to survive. You can assign the newfound survivors to different tasks within a group. You can upgrade or change your weapons to boost your strength and defeat zombies easier. In this game, you also have the day and night cycle and different conditional weather. You need to overcome all of them. The difficulty of each day will increase. You need to try your best to survive in 40 days from the horde of zombies. You will gain a score after each level. Try to complete the level in the shortest time to get a high score. Break a leg! If you enjoy this game, do not forget to check out Vampire Survivors and Venge.io which are awesome action games on our website.

How to control

  • Computer

Click the left computer mouse to shoot

Use the R key or double click when empty to reload

Click the 1, and 2 keys to switch the weapons

Click the F key to switch fire mode

  • Mobile phones

Tap and hold on your screen

Useful information about Dead Zed

All the weapons in the game

It is a fact that you can not survive without weapons. You will mainly use guns in this game. You need to unlock the new guns and upgrade your weapons to knock out zombies easily and effectively. Some weapons in this game include M9, handguns, machine guns, crossbows, and sniper rifles. You need to find correct and suitable positions to collect more guns. Try to find more guns to build a useful arsenal of weapons. You just can bring a maximum of 2 guns each day. Therefore, choose your weapons wisely and carefully.

New areas on the map

On the map, you will see many areas. You can not be safe if you stay in one place. Each day you can explore a new place. You can see the trophies of each location such as submachine guns, pistols, and survivors, assault rifles and survivors, hunting rifles and survivors, and so on. Complete the challenge in each position and move to new areas. You will find many new locations from the once-peaceful countryside to farming, the abandoned city, industrial neighborhood, and so on. You need to protect your locations from dangerous zombies.