Derby Crash 4

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Drive a car at the max speed

Derby Crash 4 takes your driving experience to the next level where you can try the coolest cars. This game gives you a wide selection of cars.

The capabilities of offroad and your driving abilities will be put to the test by the already challenging terrain. However, if you discover that the landscape is still too simple, you may either use the battle tank or fire it. You also can use the map-building feature in the game. You may maneuver a car around the railway as in action movies if you want the rush. Fun times! You also can entertain with other games such as Tom Injury, Duo Survival, Vampire Survivors, Stick Merge, etc.

Game controls

  • Use WASD or Arrows to drive
  • Use the Spacebar handbrake
  • Press Enter button to unflip
  • Press C key to change camera view
  • Press R to repair
  • Press T to time frame
  • Press L to unlock the mouse when driving the tank.