Draw The Bridge

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Challenge your wits with Draw The Bridge

Conquer 30 simple levels in Draw The Bridge. You just need to draw a path for the car to reach the destination. Collect stars along the way to get a high score. You need to complete each level to be able to unlock more new levels. Draw a path easily and press the start button to get your car started on the track. Depending on the situation, you will go steep, straight, or squirrel so that your car has the most favorable path. To get the maximum score, do not miss any stars. You will be playing from simple to advanced levels. The game will always bring unexpected situations for you.

Tips to always get three stars

When you draw the most accurate and fastest paths and collect all the stars, you will reach the maximum number of stars for that level. You have the right to continue playing new levels when unlocked or you can replay the old level to get the highest score. As the level goes up, the difficulty level will increase. You should remember to draw all the paths for the car before it starts. The stars will be arranged more miscellaneous. Draw a path to get all the stars.