Drift F1

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Join a unique race in the game Drift F1. Many different tracks are waiting for you to discover. Are you a good racer and overcome these difficulties?

How to play Drift F1

To get to the finish line as quickly as possible, get in your automobile and accelerate. Keep in mind that your score is inversely correlated with how long it takes you to cross the finish line. Therefore, in order to receive the greatest score, you should make every effort to complete the course as quickly as possible. The racecourse is extremely rough. In addition, the circuit has many challenging bends. You must click or release the left mouse button in order to drift past them. Try to drift perfectly to keep from leaving the course. Your goal in this game is to cross the finish line and also to gather as many coins as you can. They're dispersed all across the track. This game can't attract you. You may love Electron Dash, Freeway Fury 3, Vampire Survivors and Bloons TD4.