Duck Life Adventure

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About this game

Train the fastest and strongest duck in Duck Life Adventure. Then send it to battle to test your duck's strength. Will your duck beat the opponent?

Train your own duck

Design your duck according to what you want, from its plumage to its eye color. Then your duck can join the race and fight with other ducks. If you want to win, you'll need to train the duck! You can play 16 mini-games, each with 5 different modes. This means there are 80 different training games to play! Spend all your battle and race victories to unlock over 75 brand-new hats, outfits, and weapons. There are ducks in need of your help, and only you can help them! Let's collect clams to steal diamonds. You need to win every tournament and beat their champion to become the duck champion. Besides this Duck Life Adventure game, you can experience Stickman Battle Fight Warriors, Soccer Skills, Duo Survival and Vampire Survivors.

Game control

Use the mouse or arrow keys to play.