Dynamons World

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Become a professional trainer in Dynamons World

Train mysterious creatures and become a master in Dynamons World. In this game, you need to fight with other enemies. Create a pet and upgrade it.

If you want to join Dynamon as a Captain, you will be guided by Jovani. You'll need to pass a skills exam to see just how talented you are before you can join the camp. Choosing your own Dynamon is the first move toward becoming a top-notch Captain in the game of Dynamons. Kikflick, Snorky, or Torchip are your options. Then it will be your squad's first-ever Dynamon member. Jovani will provide you with a dispatch, healing pack, and omnistone, all of which will come in handy. After that, you'll begin your adventure and face off against a variety of formidable foes.

Instructions for finding Dynamons

When you start playing you will be given free Dynamons. However, to earn more Dynamons you need to perform the following tasks. You need to attack wild Dynamons until they are exhausted and you can catch them. You can also upgrade your Dynamons to become stronger. After each battle, you will get some experience according to the skill you gain. When your experience is full you can feed your pet Dynamons to level up. Conquer more exciting levels by unlocking and taking on challenges.