FMX Team

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About the game FMX Team

Enjoy the FMX Team game that gives you a lot of new fun. Complete the missions of freestyle motocross games and unlock all your own unique supercars. At the beginning of the game, you can choose any car you want. You can drive freely with jumps or jumps from above. Show your driving skills to be appreciated. Show off your skills and you'll soon be able to unlock new levels, new models, and new tricks. Be the best athlete in every race.

Addictive gameplay of FMX Team

In your group, there will be three members, each with their own driving style and ideal car model. They can completely support each other to drive, noting that each person needs time to rest to maintain strength in every long, extremely exhausting race.

Each player will get to play up to five times to perform stunts in their own style of play. This race is yours, showing your best is essential. You can unlock new stunts by completing the maximum score on the track. The gameplay is quite simple like Drift Hunters, control your car with the corresponding arrow keys. Perform stunts 1-5 with all the skills you have and you can create more different stunts.