Friday Night Funkin'

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Conquer the father's heart

Friday Night Funkin' is a music game created by ninjamuffin99. You play as a guy and convince his girl's father by winning the dance competition.

In this music game, you have to convince the old father of the girl with musical melodies. The girl's father is very difficult and he doesn't like you in any way. No matter how hard you try about everything, nothing seems to change. You really want to kiss the girl, but the father won't let you come near or touch anything about the girl. The girl is very distressed and just wants to find a way to end her life, the girl loves the child in her belly if her father is missing. Now only you can rescue the one you love. You learn about the girl's father, he is a former rock star. So to win his heart you need to be good at music to make his heart flutter.

The principles of Friday Night Funkin'

The gameplay of Friday Night Funkin' is based on rhythm-matching mechanics where players have to press arrow keys in time with the beat of the music to score points and progress through the levels. Players use the arrow keys to hit the notes in time with the music, and that's it.