Getaway Shootout

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About Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout allows you to race with two opponents. You have to move to the end to get the victory. You also can pick up the weapons to beat them.

Jump to move the character

You may play this game solo or in a two-player cooperative setting. Make a character selection to begin the game! This game gets harder after a race starts since you can find that the only way to get forward is by hopping left or right! You move to a certain extent depending on how long you hold in each direction. The competition's rounds are staged at several locations. As you sprint to the finish line, grab whatever upgrades and equipment you can find. Use your weapons to attack the other racers as you make your way to the finish line! No one can play a game for a long time. You can experience more games such as Drift F1, Electron Dash, Vampire Survivors, Freeway Fury 3, etc.

Game control

Player 1

  • W to jump left
  • E to jump right
  • R to power-up

Player 2

  • I to jump left
  • O to jump right
  • P to power-up.