Gold Digger FRVR

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Mining in the ground

Gold Digger FRVR is a thrilling adventure game developed by Chris Benjaminsen. In this game, you will discover an endless mine full of mysterious treasures.

You play as a miner and start with a shovel and a helmet to go on an adventure full of danger and curiosity. You are curious about the mysteries that lie deep beneath the surface of the earth. The more you explore the more cash you collect in the mud world. To be able to explore and earn more money, you need to use the money you earn to buy and upgrade your items to improve your time and work performance better.

Mysterious treasure hunt

Try to work hard to mine every day to find all the gold hidden in the ground, if you're lucky, maybe you can find treasure, it's great. Accumulate what you earn after long days of hard work underground and sell it to Joe's shop. Use the money to buy and equip new equipment that is modern and optimized for your treasure hunt.

Blast the stones by connecting three or more of the same color. Avoid getting crushed or blown up when you get close to it because when three stones are put together they will explode, you need to stay far away before it explodes.