Gold Miner

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Become a good gold digger in Gold Miner

As an old gold miner in the classic game of Gold Miner, you'll use a mining cable reel to collect as much gold as possible before time runs out. Be sure to grab bags of money as they are lighter than gold and worth more. But be careful to avoid worthless rocks that will slow you down and prevent you from grabbing more valuable objects. Swing the reel back and forth with simple clicks or taps to collect the most valuable resources and reach higher levels. As you gather more money, you can purchase upgrades like explosives, enabling you to mine more efficiently. Discover a few more fun games like Bullet Party and Rebels Clash. This game will definitely be a great choice for you to relax at the end of the gold miner game.

How to play Gold Miner

Your objective

Your objective is to collect as much gold and valuable minerals as possible within the given time frame. To do so, you need to align the direction of the gold and the cable reel, and then click or tap the screen to release it. With a limited amount of time, it's important to focus on valuable resources such as gold and diamonds to level up. With the gold you collect, you can buy upgrades such as explosives from the shop to mine more efficiently. Don't miss out on the fun and start mining for gold today!

Rich types of resources

You will encounter a variety of resources, including valuable diamonds, rocks, secret bags, skeletons, pigs, and bombs. It's important to focus on valuable resources, such as diamonds, while avoiding rocks, skeletons, and pigs that can waste your time or distract you. Be careful not to accidentally mine bombs, which can cause valuable resources to be lost in the explosion. Keep your eyes peeled for secret bags, which may contain extra rewards for you.

In the game's shop

You can find useful boost items to help you mine more efficiently. Dynamites can be used to explode unwanted rocks, activated by clicking the up arrow key. Strength drinks increase your mining power. A rock collector book will make rocks in the next level worth three times more than the previous level. Spend your hard-earned gold wisely on these items to become a successful gold miner!