Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age

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How to play Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age

Defeat all the bad guys and go to Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age with your friends! You will have to overcome many challenges to uncover the mysteries in this game.

Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age is the second game in the Golden Sun trilogy and is a true successor to the very popular RPGs game. Story-wise, the game continues from the first game with many complementing scenes with answers to many mysteries of the previous title. The game's combat mechanics are the same but expanded. In Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age, you can combine Djinn of different elements for a more devastating effect. The game is much longer and you can even visit the previous game's map for many side quests. You also can play more RPG games such as Vampire Survivors, Narrow.One, Starblast io, Zombs Royale io, etc.

Game control

  • Arrow keys for movement
  • Spacebar to select
  • Enter to start.