Grandpa & Granny

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Introduction of Grandpa & Granny

Grandpa & Granny is a horror game where there are up to 2 villains. You have to escape from these two creepy grandparents. Otherwise, you will be killed.

Survive at the end

Move around with WASD and interact with the environment around you with the mouse. Before entering the world of these two terrifying characters and determining whether you can survive there, choose your character and choose whether you want to save progress offline or online. You find yourself in a variety of perilous locations where you must find the items that can defeat these two bizarre old men while avoiding being captured or killed by them. If you do, you will lose and have to start over. Try the game right away to experience all of this fun, which is just a click away. It's better to check out other games such as Vampire Survivors, Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Plants vs Monsters, etc.