Hammer 2: Reloaded

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Explore the challenging in Hammer 2: Reloaded

Hammer 2: Reloaded is a first-person shooter game developed by XForm Games and released on August 21, 2015. Defeat all other opponents with your weapons.

You play as a marksman tasked with destroying big cities the way you like it. You have to show your boldness to the enemies. Catch and shoot them immediately before letting them escape. Your grenades will be unlimited. Upgrade the gun and new modes as you have money. There are many types of weapons provided in the store including pistols, submachine guns, machine guns, bazookas, grenades, and more. You can completely level up any vehicle you want like an auto, car, tank, helicopter, or jet pack. There are many interesting levels in the game, try to experience and complete them excellently to experience the beauty and novelty that it brings.

Become a professional robber

Let's start as a professional bandit roaming a big city. You need to destroy the city environment as much as possible. Use the weapon the Hammer character is given or finds in the item boxes to obliterate everything in the city, including buildings, automobiles, and other props, and stay alive with the help of the health pickup. If they are successful, you will be able to purchase more challenges, upgrades, and devices with the money they have earned.

You'll be able to move the character around with the WASD keys and aim and fire with the mouse. To progress to the next level and receive more objectives, you must first eliminate 100 enemies in the first level. To succeed, you must first avoid death at all costs while you fight to defeat the opposition.