Happy Glass

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About Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a puzzle game where players must help a glass of water reach a designated cup by drawing lines to create a path for the water to flow.

Happy Glass is a simple yet challenging game that requires players to think creatively to solve the puzzle. The game offers a lot of levels that will keep players entertained for hours. In the game, players are presented with a variety of levels that increase in difficulty as they progress. Each level has a different set of obstacles and challenges that players must overcome to complete the level. Some levels may require players to use specific tools, such as a pencil or eraser, to help guide the water to the cup.

How to play

To play the game, the player must draw lines on the screen to create a path for the water to flow. Water will flow along the lines drawn by the player, and the player must use his logic and problem-solving abilities to guide the water to the cup without letting the water overflow or fall off the screen.