Hero Adventure Shooter Online Game

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Turn into a hero

Hero Adventure Shooter Online Game is a shooting game. The game is interesting. The primary objective of this game is to shoot out all of the enemies.

Destroy enemies

A battle took place in a forest. You will be the main character armed with modern weapons. Your gun will fire automatically, so your task will be to direct the bullets at the enemy. In addition, you need to move flexibly to avoid hitting the enemy. Each time you touch an enemy, your health bar will lose a little. When the health bar is exhausted, the game is over. This game has no levels. How many points can you score in this endless game? With simple gameplay and eye-catching graphics, children can also play this game. You just need to swipe the mouse to move the character. If you want to play more thrilling games, you can try Tank War Zone, Plants vs Monsters, Crossy Chicken and Vampire Survivors.