Horror Granny

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Introduction to the game Horror Granny

Horror Granny is a survival horror game where the player must escape from a house controlled by a sadistic granny who wants to kill the player.

Horror Granny is a survival horror game where the player must escape from a haunted house while avoiding the clutches of a frightening granny. The game features minimalist graphics and an eerie atmosphere, with jump scares and intense chase sequences. The player must collect items and solve puzzles to escape the house while trying to avoid the granny who is armed with a deadly weapon.

The player must collect keys and other items to unlock doors and solve puzzles, all while trying to avoid Granny's traps and attacks. The game has simple controls, usually limited to movement and interaction with objects in the environment. The goal is to survive for five days in the house and escape through the front door. The game features jump scares, puzzles, and a creepy atmosphere that creates a tense and suspenseful experience for the player. You can also participate in some other survival games like Hopeless Island: Survival Hero, fight the zombies and save your survival.

How to play

Horror Granny is a survival horror game where you play as a character who is trapped in a house with a granny who is a killer. The objective is to escape the house by solving puzzles and finding hidden objects while avoiding the granny's attacks. The controls for the game typically involve using the arrow keys to move the character, the space bar to jump, and the mouse to interact with objects. Some specific controls may vary depending on the version of the game you are playing.