Idle Sculpt

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Become a good sculptor

Do you want to become a sculptor in Idle Sculpt? Embark on a challenging journey with your own creations. Completing each level will earn a lot of money. Crush hard stones with an ice chisel. The more money you earn, the more tools you will be able to buy support tools to chisel ice faster. Create the most virtuosic and unique works. To optimize time as well as work efficiency. Please upgrade your items such as the number of chisels, increase the speed of chisels faster or. As you pass each level, you can add designations to gain more skills and a chance to become a professional sculptor, a theorist, or a great investor. Unlock more levels to own more new features and customizations. You will get more materials with better quality.

Sculpting Guide

Left mouse button to play, press a lot to increase speed. Use the right toolbars to speed up your sculpting process. Notice how your money and the amount of the tools increase with the number of uses. Prefer to buy cheap tools to quickly pass the levels.