Lands of Blight

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Attractive gameplay of Lands of Blight

Lands of Blight is a survival game developed by 7Spot Games. You need to help the little soldier survive in the midst of a skeleton tribe that is besieging you.

Try to complete the tasks well and get the maximum number of stars after each level is five stars. There will be many attractive levels waiting for you to unlock. You control your soldier to defend and attack the dry skeletons surrounding you. To escape the pursuit of monsters, you just need to roam around the area and attack as many as possible. Like other role-playing and rogue-lite games, you will level up as you progress through the game by killing enemies. When you reach a new level you will have more choices. Weapons will be optimized to help you easily destroy 1000 sets of dry fog faster and easier. You will have many choices to use weapons for each type of monster. Make a plan and have a clear and smart strategy so as not to be buried in a pile of dead bones. You can restore color, increase attack power, expand the range of play, and have many other attractive beasts.

To live long among the dry bones

Initially, the level is quite easy for you to complete and survive. However, there will be many levels of difficulty for you. Come up with a strategy and look beyond it. Don't panic when you see a lot of dry skeletons around you. Be a smart and observant player. Do not be foolish to rush into the most crowded places. Because you are alone and very small. Let's kill the few sporadic dry skeletons. Split them up around the match area so you can kill them in time and level up faster. Remember you will never kill them all but level up and equip many good weapons to kill them faster and easier.