Lordz io

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Enjoy this fun game

Lordz io is a fun multiplayer game. You will have to build your own base and destroy other players' bases. Be careful as they can also attack your base.

How to play Lordz io

At the beginning of the game, you can either construct your own base or simply collect gold and attack enemies. Because you need to protect the houses and gold mines you conquer, you need to build a strong base. Gold Mines are important because they produce the gold needed by your army, and houses remove the limit on the number of units that can be produced. You can only train ten soldiers by default, which is a pretty small army. You can build a 1000-unit army if you upgrade all of the houses to their maximum, but keep in mind that strong units like trolls and dragons, which count seven or ten units, must be made as part of the main army. Additionally, several defensive structures like the Mage tower and archer's tower exist. The best way to protect the gold mines is to use both of them together, even though their costs and power are different. Besides this game, we want to recommend Getaway Shootout, Vampire Survivors, Drift F1 and Electron Dash to you.