Mr Bullet Big Bang

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Some facts about Mr Bullet Big Bang


Mr Bullet Big Bang gives you a great playground where you can shoot down any building. Aim properly and fire! Passing each level will help you earn more money.

Participate in the game to show off your shooting skill. An amazing physics, cannon, and shooting game await you in which you must launch people with your cannon to knock down numerous block-constructed buildings. Are you prepared to succeed in this exciting adventure?

The game requests you to make a nearly perfect parabola by aiming and firing in the right direction to successfully complete each level. In addition, if you cannot shoot the target exactly, you also complete the level if your character touches the target. He can slide, or bounce into the target. You can adjust your character to get the best trajectory. You will be able to destroy the target with just one shot. You can also adjust to shooting far or close, which will help you remove obstacles in front of the target. As a result, you can shoot the target quickly. You also remember that your bullets are limited. Each level provides a different amount of bullets. You must clean all targets before you run out of bullets.

What's more, the following levels will become increasingly difficult and interesting. The targets will not be placed in locations where you can shoot easily. They are protected by lots of ice blocks, wooden blocks, and iron blocks. You can break wooden blocks and ice blocks, but cannot break iron blocks. You need to hit the switches to be able to teleport them.

Finally, when you finish each level, you will receive 50 coins. You should accumulate as many coins as possible to buy others. characters. They have sky-high prices. Therefore, you must try your best to complete many levels. After completing all levels, you can move to Cuphead Brothers in Arms, Five Nights at Freddy's 3, and Vampire Survivors.

How to control

Hold the left mouse to aim and adjust the strength.

Release the left mouse to shoot.

Some power-ups in Mr Bullet Big Bang

The fan

As you know, the next levels are very difficult. They present you with many challenges. The targets are in difficult positions with many kinds of blocks. It is difficult for you to conquer. So, there are main power-ups you can use when shooting. When the target is placed high and covered with many different blocks, the fan will be the most effective power-up for you. You just need to shoot bullets into the area having the fans, then your character will easily be blown up. Then you can break those targets. You also note that the fan can blow you out of the playing field. So, you must replay the level. You should be careful.

The teleport gate

Iron blocks surround the target making it impossible for you to touch them. Besides, there are also no switches to help you to make them disappear. Then, you need to use the teleport gate. These gates are one of the most powerful power-ups. If you enter from this gate, you will reach another location where you cannot enter by normal means.