Paper Minecraft

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Description of the game Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is a creative game that brings you into a 2D world. Choose your character and preferred game mode to take part in the legendary Minecraft space.

Inspired by the unprecedented success of Minecraft, this game has skyrocketed in sales since its debut and entered the pantheon of all-time best-sellers. Fans of Minecraft will find this game to be an absolute delight.

Paper Minecraft game objective

Your objective may change based on the gameplay style you choose. In the Survival game mode, you have to scavenge for materials, fashion implements, and constructions out of those materials, and fight to remain alive in the wilderness.


  • Left and right or AD To travel W or up, use the arrow keys
  • To jump, use the arrow keys
  • To excavate or put blocks, use the left mouse button
  • To unlock inventories or chests, press E
  • F to devour and hold something
  • In the crafting menu, there is a space to divide an item from the stack

Options in the game

The Creative mode gives players the opportunity to exercise their creativity by using their ideas to design a new universe and show off their originality. In addition, before beginning a game, you have the option of selecting a different Planet type, ranging from Default to Flat, as well as a character skin.

Paper Minecraft has

  • 2D graphics
  • 3 game modes: Survival, Peaceful, and Creative
  • 2 different skins
  • Numerous custom maps designed by other players
  • Many tools, options, and resources