Penalty Shooters 2

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Overview of Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2 is a football game created by Vladeta Marinkovic and official in April 2016. Try to win intense matches to become the champion.

In the game Penalty Shooters 2, you can play as your favorite team or even the national football team of your country. So mentally prepare yourself to make perfect shots. Nobody dares to claim that playing football is easy. especially when you've overcome adversity to reach this perilous and perplexing penalty shootout. And now is the time to demonstrate your resilience, strength of will, and superior level. There will be only one final match, and the winner will be the most deserving. This game's goal is to win every match. If you can do that, you will be the year's champion. The first step is to decide which team you want to be a part of. The game features up to 11 tournaments on the world's top football platforms, as well as the World Cup, with each tournament featuring 32 teams. There are many options for you to choose from.

How to play Penalty Shooters 2

And now you must be with your team, which has played three games on the group stage. The pressure isn't intense, but don't let up for a second. After three games on the group stage, you and your team have advanced to the real final. Up to this point, every match has been a team final. The media is salivating at the prospect of putting you and your team on the front page tomorrow. Millions of ardent fans flocked to the field, filling the stands and eagerly awaiting the performances of the world's best players. Before proceeding to the final match, you must defeat your opponents with at least five shots in each match. This game is very special by allowing you to play as both a goalkeeper and a goalkeeper in a frame.

Play as a player

To score a goal while playing the role of a free-kicker, choose the appropriate time and hold the mouse button, then wait for the red dot to run to the position you want to shoot from. Quickly release the mouse. The ball will be kicked immediately after, and the outcome will be displayed by a beacon in the lower right corner of the screen. Keep in mind that the opposing goalkeeper is smart enough to remember where you shot previously. As a result, you should move the shooting position throughout the shots.

Play as goalkeeper

The goalkeeper's job requires extreme concentration. Wait for the red dot to appear as your team's player is about to kick the ball. To control the goalkeeper rushing to catch the ball, you must quickly click on the closest approximate position. Aside from accuracy, the timing of clicking the mouse to allow the goalkeeper to jump out to catch the ball is also important.