Pixel Combat Fortress

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Experience the shooting game Pixel Battle Fortress

Pixel Battle Fortress is a multiplayer game where you will be able to join in a real conflict by fighting with actual people from all around the globe.

In this mission, you will serve as part of the elite army that assaults the stronghold. Terrorists have taken up home in the stronghold, and you must wipe them out entirely. Shoot, make an attempt to move stealthily, and don't forget to retrieve ammo and first aid kits from the caches.

You're going to fall in love with the realistic tanks and the fantastic effects of the bullet and rocket explosions in our first-person shooter battlefield game. Cars may transport people back, speed up quickly, and drift the terrain, gaining XP that can be used on a higher-level vehicle, while the helicopter is capable of carrying up to three other players at once. Our first-person shooter's battleground has realistic tanks, amazing effects like bullet and rocket bursts, and a charming doll representation of a tank's wreckage. There are also many special functions in this game that you can find out what makes you interested and engaging.

How you can play?

Starting a game may be done in two ways: either by making your own server and waiting for other players to join or by connecting to an already existing server. Then, after picking a side, you'll be reborn into the game. The WASD keys control movement, R reloads your ammunition, E activates objects, and SPACE makes you leap. Up top, keep your health in mind. Aim and shoot by clicking the left or right mouse button, and swap weapons by scrolling the mouse wheel. Best wishes, and enjoy yourselves!