Plants vs Monsters

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Play Plants vs Monsters online

Monsters attack your house in Plants vs Monsters. However, they will suffer the wrath of the plants. Let's arrange the position of the trees properly.

Fight with monster

You guys have known and revealed the classic game Plant Vs Zombie - then in this version of Plant Vs Monster, it's still the same plants, those guns, but our plants have to fight with monsters. It will be much more difficult. Plants need sunlight to be able to reproduce and grow, so make room for them to grow sunflowers. The more sun, the more conditions you have to plant. When it comes to higher levels, it is necessary to replace plants with higher abilities against increasingly powerful monsters. Depending on the terrain of the land, as well as the unique characteristics of each species, choose the most suitable plants to plant and fight off the monsters. Don't forget to experience games like Crossy Chicken, Zombie Guard, Peaman Adventure, Vampire Survivors, etc on our web.