Push Them!

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Conquer the action game Push Them!

Push Them! is a red stickman shooting game developed by Ctrl4ltDel. Use weapons such as guns, and boxing gloves to destroy the red stick people.

This is a pretty simple stickman game to play. Use the gun to shoot as well as push the red stickman into the water to win. Move quickly, get closer to the stickman so that you deal more damage, and thrust on the stickman. Along the way, there appear weapons that give you to kill stick people easier. Use them wisely.

Don't forget to collect the yellow gift box, which contains secret gifts that will be very useful for your attack. It can be a jet machine or a leaf blower that will help you sweep as well as push the stickman quickly without spending much of your effort.

How to control

  • Move - WASD
  • Shoot - Left mouse
  • use special items - Q
  • Gloves - E
  • Move forward - Shift
  • Jump - Space

Tips when killing stick people

Unlike other action games, in this game the attacker is you and you will not be attacked by the stickman. So you don't need to be afraid of dying when you destroy other stick people, the game also doesn't require a lot of shooting skills. To destroy the stickman quickly and accurately when the stickman is running around, you need to master the movement keys and run fast to get close to the stickman and shoot them so that they fall into the water. You will not be able to stand far or stand still to shoot them until you die because that is impossible. The only way to kill them is to shoot them or use boxing gloves to push them into the water.