Racing Horizon

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Are you a fan of speed game? Racing Horizon is a 3D racing game in which you can choose your favorite sport car and spend time moving around the endless map.

A brief introduction to Racing Horizon

In this wacky, physics-based racing, you may race across time using a number of tactics, from driving automobiles through time zones to flying planes in virtual reality. Begin your career as a driver in 1869 and work your way through the racing ranks to become the first racer. But be warned: the more races you win, the more famous you get! The motorsports industry is always booming, and this is precisely what they are doing right now! The world's top drivers are competing for a place in history, and those who win will be rewarded handsomely.

Simple controls while playing Racing Horizon

In this driving game, you must drive your automobile as quickly and as expertly as possible across a range of breathtakingly realistic tracks. The further you progress, the more difficult and enjoyable it becomes! To drive, use the arrow keys, space bar to boost, and O to brake. Enter to stop or Spacebar to enter Boost mode. Use the left arrow key or up arrow key to accelerate, the right arrow key or down arrow key to brake, S to shift (speed up or slow down the car), D to display the current and past races, C to store racing profiles, F1 - F5 to alter the game speed and difficulty, and E to bring up the help menu.