Rowdy Wrestling

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About Rowdy Wrestling

Come to Rowdy Wrestling's ring! Here, you can participate in the most intense battles. Choose one of the two modes in this game before starting the battle.

You and your friend are in for a dangerous battle inside the ring. It is time to finally decide which of you is stronger. You can fight by yourself, of course, but it won't be as enjoyable. You need to stay as long as you can in the cage and kick and beat any enemies who dare to attack you.

How to play Rowdy Wrestling

In the game, you can combine jumps with blows to do more damage to your opponent and increase your chances of throwing him out of the ring. As in real wrestling, you can also throw and use batons, sticks, and even chairs. On the other hand, you ought to try to get them before your opponent does. More games can bring more fun. Why don't you try Swingo, Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age, Vampire Survivors or Narrow.One.