Scary Maze

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About Scary Maze

The rules

Scary Maze is an entertaining game that appeared in the early 2000s. The objective of the game is to reach the end of the maze without hitting any walls.

The game is a reductionist visual exercise. The game depicts an old abandoned structure with geometric shapes and clean lines. Its winding alleyways and bizarre architecture create the sense of being lost and bewildered that all great horror manages to inspire. The game's striking color palette first does not seem all that frightful. The mazes themselves use a bright pink gradient that progressively fades into a darker tone, but the maze stands out against the backdrop's pitch-blackness.

The game has simple controls, typically using the mouse to move your character through the maze. Your goal in the game is to use your mouse to navigate a circle along a predetermined path without contacting any walls. If you touch the walls, the screen will show a horrible image which makes you scared. Then, the game will take you back to the menu if you unintentionally contact the wall.

Although the idea seems straightforward in terms of gameplay, complexity increases quite rapidly. Although Scary Maze claims to feature five levels, there are not many people who can advance as far as level 3. The walls get smaller when you move to the following level. The walls on the third level get so thin that it is really challenging to avoid contacting them. The game purposefully creates a specific level of difficulty in order to increase suspense and promote scares. If you are able to overcome all levels, you can join other horror games, such as Vampire Survivors, Horror Granny, and Granny Horror Village.

How to control

Use the mouse to navigate the circle.

Some features of Scary Maze

The graphics of the game

The game's graphics seem like a deliberate choice. The color scheme of the game is confrontational and appealing to the eye, showing that it is fully confident in its capacity to shock you. The game combines some best horror images, which exploit the unexpected to build tension admirably. Although the game's title screen is uncomplicated, it is also effective. The game's emblem and a single Start button are all things you can see when joining the game first. All of them make you curious and attracted.

The sound of the game

Do not ignore the sound of the game. If you are playing with others, make sure to find a splitter so you can all share the experience because the game is best enjoyed with headphones. There is not much else than a distant rumbling and the sounds in the distance. In addition, the sound design is fantastic with footsteps echoing just as they would if you were exploring an old abandoned cave. It is said that the sound design makes it difficult to determine the direction and makes you more scared. The fear is much more potent when you are unsure of what to be afraid of.