Spin Soccer 3

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Challenge your brain in Spin Soccer 3

If you love intellectual games, you can refer to Spin Soccer 3. Control your ball to fall into the basket to score points. This game is suitable for all ages. It requires no skill like regular basketball games. However, you need to use intelligence, angle alignment as well as reasonable calculation to have the right move for your ball. Try to pass every level in this exciting game. Each game screen will have its own difficulty, you need to know how to balance so that the ball does not stall in one place. Because you will not be able to control the ball the way you want. If you are having problems there is no other way. You can redo by clicking the reload circle to replay each current level only.

Tips for controlling the ball

Click on each pedestal to move in the direction you want. If you try away and it still doesn't work, then find a way that is more breakthrough because the path you are on is definitely wrong so it can't reach the finish line. Think and calculate intelligently. Try different ways you will learn a lot of things as well as the logic that this game gives you.