Stupid Zombies

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Prove your sharpshooting skills!

Stupid Zombies developed by MarketJS is a unique blend of a zombie shooter and puzzle game. Defeat all the hateful zombies with your shooting skills. Step into the shoes of the undead-slaying hero and prepare to face waves of stupid zombies in this thrilling action-packed brawler game. Armed with your trusty shotgun, take aim and blast away at the hordes of zombies that stand in your way. But be warned, your ammo is limited and the zombies are relentless.

A horde of mindless zombies is on the loose, and only you can stop them! With your trusty shotgun in hand, take on the undead in this exciting shooter and puzzle game. But don't waste your bullets - use angles and bounces to take out as many zombies as possible with each shot. With 960 challenging levels to conquer, you'll need to get creative to survive.

Continue the zombie attack at Zombie Survival Gun 3D, Zombie Mission 8 and Zombie Guard will give you creepy feelings when playing. Extremely obnoxious ugly zombies are trying to destroy you. Let's start the game and overcome the challenging levels of horror.

Kill all the Zombies

Your duties

Your task is to take down zombies by strategically aiming and shooting bullets that bounce off walls and objects. With limited bullets, you must perfect your angles to maximize the number of zombies kills. As you progress through the levels, the challenge increases and you'll need to use your skills and accuracy to take down hordes of zombies with as few bullets as possible to earn a three-star rating. The game may start off easy, but it quickly becomes a test of your precision and strategic thinking as you navigate through increasingly complex levels.

Tips and tricks

Use your strategic thinking to ricochet bullets off walls and obstacles to take out multiple zombies at once. Upgrade your weapons and skills as you progress through each level, and see how long you can survive against the never-ending undead onslaught. Move with the arrow keys and shoot with the spacebar or tap controls.