Teleport Jumper

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Conquer the labyrinth in Teleport Jumper

Join the game Teleport Jumper and find a way to escape from the underground maze. Make plans to teleport efficiently to find the exit and start with new levels.

You are trapped in a maze. There is only one way out and you need to go to the gate leading there. Luckily for you, you possess a short-range teleport that allows you to glide through any obstacle and get straight to your destination. At each stage, you can only use a certain amount of teleport. Take your time and prepare thoroughly.

Teleport over small distances to avoid traps and complete the level's objective. To choose where you resurrect, use the teleport key to see a new menu. Plan out where you want to teleport and take calculated action to reach the end of the level via the portal.

How to control

  • Move - WASD / arrow keys
  • Teleport - X / J / Space
  • Cancel teleport - C / K
  • Reset level - R
  • Back - Esc / B

You'll need to get about and jump by pressing the Arrow Keys. To use a portal, hit Z or SPACE, then move it with the arrow keys. When you're ready to warp to it, press Z or SPACE again. Your jumps can be lengthened by creating portals in midair and sending them through walls.