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Conquer the globe in Territorial.io

You will explore maps from around the world in the game Territorial.io developed by David Tschacher. Strategize for defense and global conquest!

Exploring and conquering the world is a fun and challenging challenge. You will be exploring all the countries on the entire globe. You need a clear and safe strategy to protect your base. Brainstorm ideas with many interesting tactics to fight and conquer new lands, and exploit and expand your territory. One smart thing you need is to link up with the bases around your neighbors. Always stay peaceful so you can increase your competitive power as well as against other strong enemies around you.

Unique play style

This game has pretty unique gameplay. You can play solo with bots or play with other players such as friends or other online players with a maximum number of 500 people in a single game. This is really fun and addictive. You can practice alone with bots or play online to challenge other experienced opponents to learn and gain experience for yourself.