Vex 3

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Description of the game Vex 3

Vex 3 is a challenging platform game in which you have to run and jump through various deadly levels. Let's watch how many levels you can pass in this game.

You have to make it to the conclusion of each act before you can continue playing Vex 3 and making progress. This necessitates averting the various lethal traps and devices that are strewn about each level. If you are unfortunate enough to fall prey to one of these lethal contraptions, you will be transported to the checkpoint that is most conveniently located. From that point on, you will need to devise a strategy for overcoming the challenge that is causing you difficulty.

There are ten regular actions that need to be completed. As you'd imagine, it grows trickier. The tougher the challenges with obstacles are, the more complicated labyrinth gets. If you're the type of gamer who likes a challenge, there are also 9 challenge actions. You will be awarded the "Hardcore" trophy for completing these challenges.

Trophies in the game

If completing the stage without taking any damage isn't enough to satisfy your need to feel successful, there are other achievements you can earn. You can receive a trophy for completing an act without dying or dying an excessive amount if you do either of those things. There is also the accomplishment known as "Hardcore." These accomplishments involve finding hidden stars strewn about each stage as well as completing an additional nine difficult acts.

Features of the game Vex 3

  • Challenging yet enthralling gameplay
  • A spectrum of puzzles to navigate through
  • Bonus levels and achievements for your progress
  • 10 standard levels and 9 extra difficulty acts