Virtual Voodoo Doll

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The description of Virtual Voodoo Doll


Virtual Voodoo Doll is a spine-chilling torture chamber game that lets you perform a dark witchcraft ritual. Use a variety of torture tools to relax you. This is a comical simulator that allows you to inflict maximum harm on a small ragdoll. The objective is to unleash your innermost desires of revenge against your worst enemy and fulfill your wildest fantasies.

The game challenges you to cause as much damage as possible to the little voodoo doll and level up to unlock even more creative ways to punish it. With punishments ranging from summoning a nest of pests to calling in a fast-moving bus, the possibilities are endless. Use spells to set the doll on fire or freeze it solid. Let out your frustrations and have fun, but always remember to forgive and forget in real life!


  • Educational game appearance conceals eerie and unsettling gameplay
  • Stunning 3D graphics and grandiose presentation style
  • Purposefully challenging design and animation
  • Deceptive voiceovers and sound effects that seem upbeat and cheery

The guidelines to play Virtual Voodoo Doll

You can use your finger to play the game on your mobile phone or tablet or rely on your keyboard and mouse while playing on your desktop. No installation is required, and you can start playing instantly on any device.

You can use a variety of tools like needles, sticks, and your own hand, or even resort to more extreme measures such as fire or buses to cause maximum damage to the voodoo doll. The more agony you cause, the higher your score will be, unlocking exciting new features like killer bees or a high-speed train, as well as custom clothing options to personalize the doll to your liking.